aloha, welcome to  it’s pronounced (nee-ee-wee).  it’s the “Algonquin” word for “four” — spoken by the Myiaamaki, (or “miami”) peoples in present-day ohio and indiana.  niiwi offers four areas of service and expertise; and as we honor all life, we too honor the rich heritage and knowledge-base of native cultures throughout the world.

here, we can help you with your web design, advocacy strategies for public policy, video production for your non-profit or business, and community organizing for your on-the-ground efforts to effect change.

we’re not here to simply turn a cog in the gears, we’re here to help contextualize our cogs’ places in the bigger picture.  because we’re undergoing vast changes in our sociocultural and economic systems as they relate to our ecological realities, we all need to redefine our collective cogs.

ultimately (as social animals) our societal structures, by default, determine our collective behaviors; ultimately our social rules, by default, determine how we consume our resources; ultimately, by definition, the constituent-consumer dichotomy is a systemic reality; and ultimately — as we all know — it’s the environment that calls the shots.  (in other words, ayn rand and milton friedman got it wrong — even alan greenspan eventually admitted the failure of these rigid ideologues’ assumptions in a congressional hearing).

how do you, your organization, or your business fit into the bigger context?

how can we help you?